Energy Materials for Innovation (EM4I) Workshop series

4th online  Workshop “Materials Discovery and Development”

February 24-25, 2022

Starting in summer 2021, the EERA Joint Programmes Advanced Materials and Processes for Energy Applications, Nuclear Materials and Digitalisation for Energy are hosting a workshop series on “Energy Materials for Innovation (EM4I)”. The series covers the integral stages of materials research, from discovery to scale-up productions, device development, industrial integration and sustainability, as well as cross-cutting technologies supporting these actions.

The fourth of the series that focuses “Sustainability Assessment of materials and technologies for a clean energy transition”, is scheduled to take place on the 24th and 25th February (two half-day events) combined with the first joint-workshop by JPs ‘Advanced Materials and Processes for Energy Applications (AMPEA)’ and ‘Economic, Environmental and Social impacts of the Energy Transition (E3S)’. The joint-workshop aims to develop mutual understanding on the societal needs and technological advancements and to foster new collaborations necessary for achieving a clean energy transition. The second half-day will be organized as webinar event + round table delivered by invited experts on the key topics: LCSA (life-cycle and sustainability assessment), sustainable manufacturing, critical raw materials, social-economic aspects and 2050 scenarios.

The workshop is free of charge and open to all upon registration