Sicurezza della Società

Objective: PA Secure Societies (PA_Sec_Soc) has the final aim to design and implement solutions for safety and security by respecting the privacy of the citizens. Several main thematic areas can be identified according to the societal needs, which are requiring multi-disciplinary approaches and a continuously improved knowledge sharing and exchange among different worlds (practitioners, end-users, scientists, technologists, humanists).In this context, PA_Sec_Soc is able to give an answer to the present and future technological and scientific challenges in national and international programmes (H2020, FP9, EDA,..), which have an impact on the improvement of the societal resilience.
Approach: PA_Sec_Soc is carrying out the state-of-art activities in four areas. The first one regards the protection and the improvement of the critical infrastructures and of the Built Environment, where integrated solutions based on cyber and physical security, strategies for designing of the built environment and disaster risk management are approached. The second area addresses the fight against crime and terrorism, with solutions for crisis management in crowded areas and large events, detection and characterization of dangerous substances and objects and use of social media as a support to crime prevention. The third area is concerned with the border and maritime security, tackled under a holistic approach based on the integration of novel surveillance technologies and robotics concepts. The last area regards the ethical and social aspects of the security, with a focus on safety of the workers against electromagnetic risk and privacy issues associated to the surveillance systems.
Scientific Impact/Results: PA_Sec_Soc can give a significant contribution in many fields of the Secure Societies thematic, as testified by the significant research and technological transfer activities in many areas related to both security and safety. This is testified also by the large number of emerging research challenges envisaged, ranging from ICT (software/hardware) solutions as well as modeling tools for both Critical Infrastructures and Built Environment, and maritime safety and security.