Tecnologie per la Fruizione e Salvaguardia dei Beni Culturali

Objective: Design, implement, assess and experiment on the field digital technologies for the digitization, analysis and preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Approach: DIITET’s contributions have been organized according to three main themes of Cultural Heritage:     1. documentation/diagnosis     2. representation     3. dissemination whose interdisciplinary nature requires a collaborative approach that can go beyond our […]

Tecnologie per Aerospazio e Osservazione della Terra

Objective: The Project Area (PA) has the objective of coordinating the CNR activities of the sector, of encouraging the development of innovation, research and experimentation activities, as well as maintaining and increasing the interaction with the space agencies and the industrial component, in line with the priorities defined by European level. The main concern of […]

Sicurezza della Società

Objective: PA Secure Societies (PA_Sec_Soc) has the final aim to design and implement solutions for safety and security by respecting the privacy of the citizens. Several main thematic areas can be identified according to the societal needs, which are requiring multi-disciplinary approaches and a continuously improved knowledge sharing and exchange among different worlds (practitioners, end-users, […]

Tecnologie per l’Agricoltura Sostenibile e la Sicurezza del Cibo

Objective: To exploit technologies to contribute to all the value chain of the agro-sector from production to consumption including the overall reduction of waste and its recover to face increasing worldwide food and feed demand, market globalization and food price volatility, and the needs for more sustainable farming systems in a changing climate scenario. In […]

Costruzione Sostenibile

Objective: The objective concerns technologies,systems, products and materials of construction sector,primarily aimed at the improvement of performance levels and safety,as well as the optimization of the final use of energy.The activities are aimed at the definition of strategies, methods and tools concerning the regeneration of building and of the city as a whole and the […]

Smart City

Objective: a prototype of an urban environment provided with a new generation of innovative ICT services and technologies to improve energy and resource efficiency, environmental sustainability, emergency response, climate resilience, social cohesion and quality of life of citizens. The focal areas are: Energy, to develop new technologies, approaches and tools to manage and control urban […]

Veicoli a Basso Impatto Ambientale per un Trasporto Sostenibile

Objective: The objective is the development of environmental friendly vehicles, with focus on: (1) zero or quasi-zero emission powertrains in terms of toxic pollutants, GHG, NVH and acoustic pollution, in all transport sectors (road, off-road, waterborne, railways and airspace); (2) increase the safety of the vehicles contributing to the zero-accident target; (3) support to the […]

Tecnologie del Mare

Objective: The AP “Marine Technologies” conducts fundamental and applied research as well as technological developments for a sustainable exploitation of the Ocean resources and for improving operations at sea including efficient, clean and safe transportation as a critical issue. The reference macro-areas are: (i) “Green transportation,” (ii) “Smart, Safe and Secure operations at sea,” (iii) […]

Fusione Termonucleare Controllata

Objective: The objectives of the Project Area are, according to the “Roadmap to the realization of fusion energy”, (a) the construction of the ITER device and its successful scientific and technological exploitation; (b) the conceptual design of the fusion reactor prototype DEMO; (c) the formation and training of the ITER-generation of scientist and engineers; (d) […]