Energy Materials for Innovation (EM4I) Workshop series

1st Workshop “Materials Discovery and Development”

online  – 1 luglio 2021

The EERA workshop series on “Energy Materials for Innovation (EM4I)” has been organized for bringing Materials Science in the forefront of ‘energy research’ landscape in EU. 5-6 online workshops are programmed between July 2021 and Spring of 2022, followed by a final conference in Brussels. The latter will summarize the takeaways from the workshop series, and strategically link ‘Materials Science Research’ to Europe’s Clean Energy Transition roadmap. Additionally, a white paper will be produced highlighting the key crosscutting challenges in materials science research that are essential for the advancement of multiple energy technologies.

The workshop series will cover integral stages of materials research, from materials discovery to scale-up production and to device building as well as the sustainability issues. The first of the series is dedicated to ‘Materials Discovery and Development,’ which is scheduled to take place on July 1st, 2021. It will be a half-day filled with webinars given by the experts on the cross-cutting research methodologies on materials discovery (rational design, exascale modelling, etc.) and characterization techniques (high throughput, in-situ/operando measurements, etc.).

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