Virtual Workshop
"Advanced Manufacturing for Millimeter-Wave and Sub-THz Space Payloads
Monday June 15th, 2020; 9:00-13:00 AM (CET)
MS-Teams platform

Organizers: O. A. Peverini (CNR-IEIIT), I. Fassi (CNR-STIIMA), S. Pelli (CNR-IFAC)

Abstract. Next-generation payloads for Space applications require complex multi-beam and multi-band systems operating in the mm-wave and sub-THz range for both on-ground and Space segments. As an example, future Earth Observation missions, aimed at climate change monitoring or atmospheric studies, require radiometers with increasing spatial resolution and sensitivity along with full on-ground coverage, possibly operating up to 1 THz. These radiometric performances translate into challenging requirements in terms of fabrication capabilities. The present workshop aims at boosting discussion and collaboration at European level on advanced manufacturing technologies for the development of high-performance passive mm-wave and sub-THz systems.

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